Fall Fashion & Fun

We are behind on our blog because we’ve been busy traveling – Brittney went to a friend’s wedding in Sonoma, then we met up with Brittney’s family in Pennsylvania (lots of photos from that trip coming soon) and Mark and Brittney are embarking for Paris this Wednesday on their first couples trip since Max was born. But we’ve also been having lots of fun in NYC. Some highlights from the past few weeks:

New York Fashion week was almost in our backyard at Lincoln Center in September. We didn’t make it to any fashion shows, but Max decided the asymmetrical look was in for pajamas. For a few mornings we came to his room to find this cool look.

But Max soon declared the death of that trend, and started another one – lately he insists on putting his puffy vest on by himself, and he always puts it on backwards.
Tiring of fashion, Max turned his artistry to pumpkins at a pre-Halloween event in Central Park. He enjoyed rolling the pumpkin off the bench more than posing with it.
We keep finding deals for classes to sample all over the city (check out Brittney’s site Kid On The Town if you’re ever curious what we’re up to). Max made yogurt fruit parfait in a free toddler cooking class in Chelsea.
Afterward we visited the playground in Madison Square Park (and Max might have forced his mom to stop by Eataly for yummy Italian food while we were down there).
In a fun gym class, Max swung on rings and bars, giggled on a trampoline and learned how to play golf.

We are also taking a Broadway Babies class where we sing about a different musical each week. Brittney often knows the lyrics better than the teachers but has managed to restrain herself from dressing Max up in elaborate costumes – she swears that these accessories for “Fame” were provided in class.
We are also enjoying the (mostly) nice fall weather as Max gets more active and better at his walking, climbing, dancing and posing for photos every day. We especially like meeting up with Aunt Ashly and her dog Edie who Max, after some initial trepidation, now loves.
We will miss this cute boy while we are in Paris, but will try to console ourselves with crepes and chocolate.

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