Adventures in August

As readers of our blog know, Max gets around New York City. Some recent adventures:
Walking around Lincoln Center after a free concert. He gets very excited every time we take the outdoor glass elevator there.
Seeing minimalist art at The Metropolitan Museum. It’s good the exhibit was empty because Max was making lots of noise he was so thrilled about this bench.
Trying new food at Korea Day in Central Park with our friend Sae La, and being interviewed for Korean television. He was not impressed with the reporter’s questions.
Celebrating Winnie The Pooh’s 90th Birthday Party at the New York Public Library.
Working on his balance at a kite-flying festival on Riverside Pier.
Going on the slide by himself and making a flower at the playground.
Back at the Met, admiring Egyptian mummies and temples and making lots of wishes in the fountain. Fortunately our friend Amy had lots of extra coins to share.

He also likes hanging out at home, looking cool.

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