After The Rain (and Snow)

It’s a been a rough few weeks for us. Snowstorms turned into freezing rain, leaving giant slushy puddles in the street – we’re lucky Max still fits into his carrier because it’s been too wet for strollers. Mark took this picture when walking to work at 6:45am on a morning too snowy for taxis.
Things haven’t been so great inside either – Max had the croup, followed by a cold, followed by vomiting, with a few teeth making their painful way into his little mouth. Last Thursday we found out he had an ear infection and got some antibiotics. By Friday, he was up to some sledding with Brittney’s friends, which was fun but a little icy and slippery getting up the hill. You can read all about it on Michelle’s blog, where Max often makes guest appearances.

It was safer just pulling him along the snowy paths in Central Park.
We also made it to a music class at the gym, where Max loved playing with jingle bells and maracas.
But his favorite part of the gym Family Day is seeing his friend Raphael who checks the strollers in the lobby.
Max got used to sleeping in our bed while he was sick. When we tried to get him back in his crib, there was much screaming and yucky bruising from banging his head against the side of the crib. He puts up a good fight, but fortunately he doesn’t have much endurance. We padded his sleep cell with some blankets, gave him lots of soft toys to play with, and the hysterics got shorter and shorter, and now he usually gives up as soon as we’re out the door. He still takes two 2-hour-plus naps a day. We often have to wake him up so we can actually go anywhere. Sometimes when we try, he puts his blanket over his face and tells us to go away.
He does like sleep.
We kept up his physical therapy through most of his yucky spell, and now he is cruising along the coffee table, motivated by puffs, books, animal figures from his singing school bus, or, at an indoor playspace, trains on this train set he loved.

We’re so excited to have our healthy, smiling sweet angel baby back, and super exicted to leave the nasty cold weather for Florida today! Max can’t wait to see Bubbe, Poppy, Grandpa, Grandma, and play with his cousin Ryan.
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