Almost There…

No signs of labor as we approach our due date on Tuesday. The doctor has been concerned about low amniotic fluid and talked about inducing but after multiple tests at the hospital we are ok (6.5 cm of fluid, and 1-2 cm dilated for those of you interested in numbers) and waiting for the baby to decide the time, at least for now. Since Max came a week before his due date, we were sure this baby would also be early, and hence have had some free time lately. Brittney and Mark got one last night out at a benefit for Max’s preschool. Baby is low and large!
Getting ready to go to the hospital on Friday for the fluid test and possible induction.
We’re enjoying lots of one-on-one time with Max, doing fun things like sample art classes where Max was very excited to paint shapes (with the help of the teacher).
Fortunately Max is pretty good at entertaining himself too, playing with his train set, doing puzzles, and reading The Economist.
It’s hard sometimes to know what’s going on in that crazy cute toddler head, but he seems ready to be a big brother.

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Aunt Ashly with some spicy Mexican food to help move things along and the Mexican hat dance.

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