April In New York

It’s finally spring – rebirth, renewal, and all those fun things to do outside with a toddler. Max is ready with some new spring fashions.
One sunny Saturday we headed down to Sixth Avenue to see a Scottish parade, but Max’s nap went so late it was already over. So we went to the nearby Museum of Modern Art to check out an Abstract Expressionist exhibit that Max found very entertaining.
Max is cruising a little now (especially when motivated by the iPhone or bubbles) and the black benches in a lot of the galleries are the perfect height for him. He likes to wave hello and bye-bye to sculptures and smile at guards. We are very excited about a new kids’ activity room that recently opened at MoMA for when Max is not in the mood for looking at art.
Spring bought some changes, like a much-needed haircut, his fourth one so far. He really likes the car chairs at the local kids’ salon.

We also got a pointless wall with a door that led to another door in our living room knocked down. Max enjoyed crawling around the open space and watching the men paint.
Warmer weather means lots of time at the playground. Max likes working out on his low-tech treadmill.
He also enjoys going down slides, especially this giant one on the east side of Central Park.
Favorite indoor activities include taking all the books off the bottom shelf of his bookshelves.
And visiting the Plaza Hotel, where Max likes waving at the fish in the koi pond, riding escalators and going to storytimes at the Eloise store.
We love all the beautiful spring flowers.
Max is 19 months old and getting more fun everyday, though also more, uh, opinionated and assertive. He’s not afraid to knock down a few penguins.

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