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As we approach the final countdown to Baby #2 – Brittney is 32 weeks along – we are taking Max on lots of outings before we are bogged down with a double stroller. Recent adventures include visiting the knights at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Max really wanted to climb in and play with the “neigh-neighs,” which he loves to search for at museums. We usually find some in statues and paintings, though sometimes he wants to find turtles and choo-choos which are harder to locate in certain galleries.
We did find some turtles at the American Museum of Natural History, along with a silly frog statue and a giant clam shell Max wanted to get in.
Max also likes looking at funny statues around the neighborhood, like this bird on apples.
He is fascinated by two giant sculptures at the Time Warner Center and likes to climb around their giant feet. The other day he pointed at them and said ‘poop.’
Lounging on a frog on the carousel in Bryant Park after visiting the beautiful library there. Whenever we visit other neighborhoods we check out local chocolatiers, hence the dirty chin.
The New-York Historical Society in our neighborhood recently added a children’s section. They have a library full of books about New York City where Max found lots of pictures of one of his obsessions, taxis.

Plus some guys in Highland Regiment uniforms that Max liked following around.
Don’t worry, we don’t make him hang out at museums all the time, we also do normal things like playgroups in our former apartment building where the kids do puzzles, play in a mini-kitchen, and pretend to cut each other’s hair.
And lots of trips to the playground as the weather warms up. We got a “wuf-wuf” from a balloon animal vendor there. Max liked holding his new friend (and unwinding and popping him soon after these photos).

A few weeks ago Daddy took Max to see the polar bear at the zoo while Mommy was in San Francisco and Point Reyes for the weekend for a friend’s bachelorette party.
She had fun catching up with college friends, choreographing a flash mob for the first dance at the wedding (which we will sadly miss at 36 weeks along) and making chocolate truffles on her last solo trip for a while.

So far the big belly hasn’t slowed us down too much. Good thing Max has a cool car and driving hat to get around.

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