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Trying to do some catch up on this blog…here are photos from last September, as we took advantage of Max’s last few weeks of freedom to see some art around town. Lucky for Brittney the kids like museums as much as she does, especially when art = video games. Brittney had her first ‘stop playing that so we can go’ experience (and by playing we mean moving the joystick randomly while watching Pac Man get eaten by ghosts), but then she discovered nearby Tetris and didn’t mind waiting.
Playing Pacman at MoMA - video games are art too

He didn't want to stop

We love the MoMA art lab! Julie’s favorite activity was carrying markers around and putting them in and out of the bin.


We did create this digital Warhol-ish piece.

Julie's digital photo art creation

We also visited a public art installation Red, Yellow and Blue in Madison Square Park. Julie liked touching the colored lobster rope.






Madison Square Park is conveniently located next to Eataly, an Italian market with gelato/sorbet. Yummy but messy, especially when Julie tried to eat it with her hands.

Julie wanted to eat it with her hands - messy!




Proud of the site-specific art she created on herself.

Messy but happy after her first Eataly experience.

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