Art with Aunts

Aunt Ashly and Courtney arranged layovers in NYC on the way back from Utah so they could help with Max on the plane. Max felt bad about making them worry so much with his croupy breathing on Friday night, so on Saturday he took them to the Armory Art show. The contemporary art was a little wacky (and not all kid-appropriate), but Max liked looking at the bright colors and anything shiny.
The sisters ate some yummy meals out, took walks in the sunny weather and, of course, had lots of snuggle time with Max.
Max’s croup turned into a cough that is just now almost gone. And the in the latest in Max’s bizarre medical adventures, we discovered that his middle and ring finger on his left hand are slightly webbed together (up to the knuckle). Yesterday we took him to a pediatric hand specialist who said it was a simple operation to fix which could be done at any time. It is general anesthesia so we are going to wait until he is at least one year old. The doctor was impressed with Aquamax’s grip and dexterity; the webbing would only get in the way of wearing gloves, playing piano, making jazz hands, etc; so no rush. Max’s career as a baby hand/foot model is already foiled by the hammer toe he inherited from some Jensen men. Our goal for April is no doctor’s appointments after he gets his six month shots on the 6th. We have too much laughing, reading, playing, eating solid foods and getting ready to crawl to do, like in this video:

Video of Max scooting and rolling over

Click here for more photos

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