Aunt Ashly’s November Visit

In mid-November we got a special treat, a visit from Aunt Ashly who is teaching at Haverford a short train ride away. We revisited some of her favorite NYC haunts – our local vegan take-out, Levain bakery of the giant cookies, and her favorite clothing boutique, also one of Max’s favorite places to play with curtains, look in mirrors and flirt with saleswomen by taking off his shirt (must have some of his Jensen Uncle’s genes there).
Shopping with Aunt Ashly, Max made his own style statement
We walked to the Met, stopping for some jazz in the park. By the time we got to the museum, Max and Julie were both asleep in the stroller. Julie woke up in this room which randomly had a blue couch I could feed her on – and an appropriate portrait on the wall.
We went to an Andy Warhol exhibit with candy, chimps, and balloons that both Max and Julie loved.
Julie was pretty entranced by the balloons also
A photo shoot in front of our building with funny faces and a squirmy little boy.
We all loved having Aunt Ashly around again. We were lucky to have her in town this weekend also for Christmas tree decorating and menorah lighting and we are excited to see her and more of Brittney’s family in Utah next week.

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