Autumn in New York

Brittney has spent more time in Central Park over the last year than all her other years in New York combined. Yet she is still amazed at how beautiful it is, especially in the fall, and she can’t stop taking photos of all the gorgeous colorful leaves.
Fortunately she usually has an adorable and obliging model on hand. We have been outside a lot lately enjoying the unusually warm November weather.

So many scenic spots, and so many cute expressions, she just can’t stop taking pictures…
The end of fall has brought the end of our SayBayBee dance classes as the teacher Sae La starts rehearsal for a new Broadway show. We have been taking these mom/baby fitness classes once or twice a week for the last six months and will miss them a lot. Max has enjoyed dancing, playing peek-a-boo in the mirror, shaking maracas, playing with the yoga mat and snuggling with the teacher and her demonstration doll.
Max has been working out lots at home too with physical therapy twice a week to improve his gross motor skills such as crawling, getting to sitting, and eventually walking. He likes bouncing on a giant exercise ball, strengthening his core so some day he can stand on his own over the penguins.

He is getting so big and strong – almost ready for a tricycle.
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