Babbling Baby

Max talks more everyday. He seems to quiet up whenever we get out the video camera, but we managed to capture a few snippets of his babbling.


He still enjoys hanging out in his bouncy chair. He can make himself bounce with furious kicking, and the animals overhead are great conversation partners.

Max talking to the bird in his bouncy chair


Max loves his new book of foam animals. He likes to hold them as he scoots and rolls around, telling them about his day (and trying to eat them on occasion).

Max talking to his pig friend


One of his favorite speaking platforms is his high chair, especially after a good meal. Sometimes he peeks around us to look at an apparently silly green painting of a jockey on the opposite wall. Perhaps he is delivering an art critique?

Video of Max lecturing from his high chair


We can’t wait until we know what he’s trying to say…

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  1. i think he’s talking about “dada” in the high chair lecture. i know the feeling of just dying to hear what they are thinking. you can tell he’s talking to you, but just doesn’t have the words quite yet to tell you what’s going on in his head. he sounds like he’s getting close though. i love his little voice- it always makes me laugh. sophie and breanne both had the same first word, which showed what was most important to them at that stage of their life. within a couple days of each other, they both exclaimed “duck!” when we went to the duck pond.

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