Bar Harbor Part 1

In July, we escaped a nasty NYC heat wave for beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine. Our first priority upon our arrival – eating some lobster.
Max liked eating the lobster, though he was a little scared of the live ones. We all enjoyed the scenic setting on the harbor.
At dinner a kind elderly gentleman said about Max, “If Michelangelo were going to paint a baby, that’s the baby he’d choose.” Such a sweet moment, until someone mentioned that we’d definitely sell such a painting if it somehow magically existed. Someone else disagreed, but our hypothetical debate was interrupted by dancing in the Village Green to the Bar Harbor Band.
The next morning we rode a schooner around Frenchman’s Bay. Mark got a little seasick, but Max had lots of fun looking overboard.
Max also liked breaking Brittney’s sunglasses and looking below deck.
He tried to hug Mark’s queasiness away.
Max’s daily nap forced at least one of us to rest in the air-conditioned hotel room in the afternoon, which was a nice break from the heat. Post-nap we walked along lovely Shore Drive.
Mark tried to teach Max how to skip rocks. As you can see from this video, Max has a way to go before being as good a skipper as his dad, but he is very proud of his attempts.
Video of Max “throwing” pebbles
Then we had another yummy dinner where our adventurous eater ate lobster, scallops, crab cake, goat cheese and polenta. The restaurant gave him some crayons that he preferred putting in and out of bags and bowls to actually drawing with.
As you can see, we took a lot of photos – these are just from the first day and a half. More adventures and photos coming soon.
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