Bar Harbor Part 3

Sunday morning we used our new backpack carrier to trek to Bar Island, which is not actually an island during low tide.
Mark looks very serious here, intent on getting some pebbles to throw into the water to entertain Max.
The island had lots of pretty trees, plants and butterflies.
But Max just wanted to get back to the water to toss more rocks.
During Max’s nap, Mark went out and got himself the 4.5 lb lobster he’d been craving, then we headed back to Acadia National Park and lovely but cold Sand Beach.
We watched the waves at Thunder Hole.
Mark and Max argued over directions on Otter Cliff.
Hooray for hiking! I can’t wait until Daddy starts taking me camping!
Taking a break from the backpack for some kisses with Mommy.
Max’s view was better from this position (if not always Daddy’s)
More hiking please!

What a gorgeous park.

We finished the day with some more blueberry and chocolate-peanut butter ice cream from our favorite shop on Main Street. (And we just might have had more for breakfast the next morning before we headed to the airport via one last walk in Acadia).
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Believe it or not, these were the curated batch of photos, if you are interested in more (or terribly bored or procrastinating), here’s the link to every photo we took in Maine:

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