Big Boy Max

Max made an exciting move a few weeks ago to a big boy bed. He slept great in it from the first night (though occasionally he wants to get out and plays by his bookshelf instead of nap), so excited to be surrounded by ‘choo-choos.’ Sometimes he wants to hang out in it and read even when it’s not sleeping time.
He had fun checking out the other furniture when we were shopping for the bed.

Max is getting so grown-up, doing big boy things like riding cars (like this one we found outside a dry cleaner on Broadway that he didn’t want to ever leave).

Testing out real cars at the NY Auto Show.
Walking dogs.
Dressing up in his parents’ clothes and accessories.
Bird-watching in Central Park after enjoying a puppet show in the Swedish cottage.

Going on the very big slide at the playground.

Max loves going by himself, plus he gets to watch his dad go down after him.
Knowing his letters.
Sharing city kid tips with his second cousin Oliver during a Central Park picnic.
Getting creative with a deflating balloon animal with his Great-Aunt Janet, visiting from Utah.
Our big boy is getting ready to be a big brother any day now, helping us get all the baby stuff out and ready in case he or she comes before our May 8th due date.
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