Bienvenidos a Miami

We went swimming as much as we could in Florida. Max got obsessed with some grates and painted numbers on the side of the pool, and at first wanted to play with those instead of swimming with his mom.
But Brittney got him smiling with some kicks and splashes.
He loved swimming with Bubbe, and especially enjoyed swimming back and forth between the two of us.
In the afternoon we went to Lincoln Road in Miami with his cousin Ryan and Aunt Becky. Max and Ryan liked playing on the edge of this fountain.

A crawling contest! (Max lost; he froze with one hand in the air, freaked out by a non-wood floor/carpet surface, while Ryan, used to crawling outside, went in circles around him.)
They had fun sharing puffs and noodles at dinner. These babies can eat (and make a mess)!
Max got lots of giggles putting noodles in Bubbe’s mouth (and all over her shirt).

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