California Adventures

When the weather got below 20 degrees in NYC this week, we warmed ourselves up by looking at pictures from our trip to California in early December. Max especially likes looking at photos of his Papa and Nonna, whose names he says with great yearning over and over again.
Nonna and Max don’t usually wear big funny glasses – these were for a 3D Toy Story ride during Max’s first visits to Disneyland. He loved all the sights and rides, but his favorite part of the park may have been holding hands with his cousins in line.
‘It’s A Small World’ was a big hit.
Max was getting tired as naptime approached, but then Uncle Eric, briefly in town from Colombia, showed up and Max perked right up.
Then Papa arrived, and Max found the energy for the Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise and Tarzan’s Treehouse.
We came back after naps to check out the Christmas Parade, which Max liked so much he tried to follow Santa’s float down Main Street. Then we checked out California Adventure where Maya and Max held on tight on a tea-cup like ladybug ride.
Sad because Breanne won’t hold his hand.
Much better!
A sunny Saturday meant a picnic in the park. Nonna made heart-shaped peanut butter sandwiches.
Though she is nine months younger, tough little sis Maya is pretty much at Max’s level, the perfect partner fro see-saws and swing sandwiches.
On Sunday we fed the ducks at the Woodbridge lake.
Monday we headed back to Disneyland where Max met Minnie Mouse. (Sophie and Breanne don’t usually dress in garbage bags – it was raining).
A bug circulated around the Jensen home and almost everyone puked at some point. But by Tuesday morning everyone was feeling up to some Minnie Mouse pancakes made by Breanne (with Brittney and Nonna’s help).
We miss our good night kisses and all day fun with our family. We probably won’t be make it out there again before baby #2 comes in May, but here’s hoping he or she is as good a traveler as Max and we can revisit Disneyland in 2012.

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