March Part 1 – Getting Big

Julie is getting so grown up. She loved the six-week Saturday morning toddler Montessori program at Max’s school. She worked very independently, arranging flowers, stacking, sorting, dancing and making her own snack. Now she gets even more upset when we drop off Max at school and she doesn’t get to go in.





At a Korean festival at the Natural History Museum, Julie liked watching K-pop in her Korean scholar’s hat and making bamboo paper collages.




She loves art class.


She often has strong opinions about what she wears. She chose this outfit with the yellow pants down to the striped socks. She loves scarves but her favorite accessory, indoor or out, is her Michigan hat – it goes with everything (or nothing).

That's a new babysitter Julie's holding hands with. She is super friendly
Scarves in music class

In the photo above she’s holding the hand of a sitter we met at a bus stop after Max did a Sesame Street focus group (and Julie was in Elmo heaven), right away she took the sitter’s hand and said ‘bye-bye mommy.’ She also likes to say ‘go, mommy,’ like when I got on stage with her for a musical theater workshop at an arts festival at a local school. She stayed on stage with the big kids for the whole 30-minute workshop and was quite the star, even though she was selective about which moves she would actually do and got distracted by a hole in her tights (‘ripped,’ she’s trying to tell me).

She loves ‘dancing’ as she often says, esepcially ‘spinning.’ She talks so much already, other favorite phrases are “I’m one,” “going Dora’s house” (as in Dora the explorer), pointing out anything of Max’s (“Max’s shoes, Max’s water, Max’s boo-boo)” and “no sleepies – awake,” often heard around naptime – that’s when we know she’s tired.

Max is also so grown-up and fun to take on adventures. He made Quark dumplings with a famous Austrian chef at the Bryant Park Kids Food Fest. Yum.


He played a Greek kanaun at a Byzantine concert at Lincoln Center.



His writing is coming along (this says ‘Julie and Max’).

Max is getting good at writing (that's Julie and Max)


He’s starting to make jokes, most of which involve noses and hair, “i.e. let’s eat hair for lunch…(lots of giggles)’. He also likes to say “I see something silly! why…,” in this photo, “Why do I have duck feet?” (and it was pajama day at school, also very silly).


Swimming down the street

Then he put his hat on one foot, which made him half pirate.

Sitting on a ball, falling off a ball, and making a ‘snowman’ on what might have been our one sunny afternoon.



Making a snowman

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Dancing Machines

Still catching up on photos of all our adventures this summer. We really liked having more free time to do all our favorite things. I am happy our kids like music and dancing as much as I do (this is Brittney writing, not Mark’s inner artist). We had lots of fun during multiple visits to an exhibit on Latin music at the performing arts library that had a jukebox and dance floor with a disco ball (and air-conditioning!)


The kids’ impressive dance moves include walking on knees and flapping arms (Julie) and marching and spinning around until he falls down (Max).

So cute when they dance together.


Until this happens.
One of the best parts about being a mom means getting to explore all the diverse musical opportunities available in this city – I used to think I was too busy for free Korean concerts at Lincoln Center, now we he hang out (and dance) at them for hours (literally – Max always has to stay after and watch the stage hands break everything down) .



Checking out kids ballroom dance performances and classes at Midsummer Night Swing.
Watching a kids ballroom dance performance at Midsummer Night Swing


Max wouldn’t let me dance with him – his unique interpretation of swing, aka the one-armed-jive, is done solo.

Also saw some hillbilly rock at Lincoln Center.


And African dance and music in Central Park.


And a very silly vaudeville show (we especially liked when this guy played ‘ode to joy’ on a kazoo with his nose).
This guy played 'Ode to Joy' with his nose on a kazoo. Very silly.1-IMG_2946
And an Ethiopian concert. The dancers were really amazing, especially the little guy in the orange shirt.
Max volunteered to go on stage and dance




We didn’t just watch music, but also got a deal on our favorite music class where kids get to try different musical instruments.
Playing the xylophone in music class




Another music class – everything is a bracelet to Julie.
Julie likes wearing anything as a bracelet


Looking forward to many more cultural adventures together – planning Max’s first Nutcracker outing this December…
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May (and beyond…)

Someday (maybe when Julie’s in kindergarten?) we will catch up on our blog posts. In the meantime, some highlights of May. It’s so fun to discover what Julie’s favorite activities are. Swinging at the playground is up there.

And clapping and playing with scarves in music class.

Julie clapping!


Admiring and making out with herself in mirrors.

Making out with her bff

Sitting on Daddy’s shoulders at an art fair (or anywhere).



Eating bananas all by herself.


Riding on sea horses.


Cruising on benches in adorable outfits from Bubbe while Max plays soccer in Riverside Park.


Having fun watching Max's soccer practice in a cute birthday outfit from Bubbe
Max in action

And maybe her favorite, making messes with Max’s usually off-limit puzzles while he’s at school.
What Julie likes to do while Max is at school
It’s fun to get glimpses of possible futures for our funny kids. This month we explored some possible careers for Max (don’t know if that professional soccer player thing is going to work out from what we’ve seen…). Maybe a baker? He is a great assistant to his mom in the kitchen, cracking eggs, measuring and dumping, and licking the beater.
Post brownie-beather licking
Scientist? He was very amused by some experiments in a demo science class we tried.




Taking a trial science class

Dancing magician’s assistant? He laughed so much at this show at our gym that he could have been a plant.



Bounce house promoter? He held his own with the bigger kids.
Face paint model?
Mock dental patient? He was so excited about his first cleaning and talked about it for weeks after.
Max's first cleaning at the dentist - he loved it and talked about it for weeks
Or maybe a one-shoed Irish dancer? He was eager to dance at an Irish festival, just only not with his mom.

We only noticed afterward that he was jigging with only one shoe on

Pinata breaker? (PS he did not break the piƱata, nor did any of the kids).
Pinata at a classmates birthday party
Alphabet reenactor? (this is the letter I)
Mommy, I made an 'I'


Fashion designer who creates from household objects like so-hygienic bathroom rugs?


Butterfly catcher? We had fun in the butterfly garden at the Natural History Museum.




Max’s resume is almost as complicated as his mom’s. Brittney revisited one of her favorite career adventures and choreographed a piece for Max’s preschool 1920s themed benefit.


Directing and choreographing are hard to balance with young kids, so Brittney’s been working on more flexible endeavors like her website Kid On The Town. She’s been revisiting her programming past to make the site more database-driven and is working on a searchable summer music calendar. Watch its progress if you want to know how the kids are napping these days (currently Julie will sleep in her crib after about a minute of hysterical sleeping, Max likes to fall asleep in the stroller but not in his bed).
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Tattoos & Downtown

Spring was a little late this year (as are our blog posts). Some highlight from March:
A sample yoga class – Max was really following along!
In a yoga class. Max was so good at doing all the poses.
A visit from Aunt Ashly. We had so much fun despite a crazy snow storm. On Friday we introduced Max to movie musicals by watching ‘That’s Entertainment,’ then Brittney and Ashly went to see the revival of the Mystery of Edwin Drood, the first show they saw on Broadway in elementary school. Since Dickens never finished the novel it’s based on, the audience votes on the murderer. Brittney was found innocent despite her sleep deprived craziness (and for those of you who’ve been hearing us complain, Julie’s reflux finally cleared up and she is sleeping better. Not super great, she still wakes up before the sun frequently, but no more middle of the night hysteria and feedings).

Cool aunts get their nephews and nieces glitter tattoos (Daddy’s not so sure he approves).



Comparing body art outside Shake Shack – we always eat well when Ashly’s in town. Max picked out the colors for both.

Julie turned 10 months old. She is so big and strong (and cute!). The penguins don’t stand a chance.
10 months old


She likes to pull herself up to standing and get into everything.
She is her brother’s sister – as soon as she grew some hair it got crazy.

Max is really coming along in school, talking so much in full sentences finally – “I go on tippie-toes to reach shark book,” “I already ate pretzel in the stroller,” “Max bit baby Julie’s fingers” (he hasn’t figured out cover-up lies yet). A friend with older kids gave us some 48-piece puzzles that Max quickly mastered.
Max quickly mastered a 48-piece puzzle a friend gave us
Max got two weeks off of school for spring break. We had weekday adventures around the city like we used to, hitting the Children’s Museum of The Arts in Tribeca for some messy painting and fun music time. Double stroller on the subway took some planning (and holding our breath for one stinky underground elevator ride) but the kids had fun.

Cars and planes used as painting tools


Then he started finger painting

DJ Julie.
DJ Julie
Our photo made it to the wall of the gallery (temporarily) and Max made and modeled an awesome green giant mask.
Our photo booth pic displayed on the wall


Back in our hood, riding elephants and making scrambled eggs- Max loves to crack, count and mix the eggs.
Riding an elephant at the playground

Driving the taxi at Appleseeds.

Driving the taxi at appleseeds

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We have been busy (and a little cold, and having colds, and all that great winter stuff). Finally some photos from January.
Visiting Daddy at work on New Year’s Eve day
Visiting Daddy at work on the last day or 2012

Turning 7 months old – getting too tough for those penguins
Seven months old




See ya, penguin

Making playdough snowmen with Bubbe. The snowman kept falling over despite Max’s commands otherwise. Very silly.
Modeling yet another gorgeous sweater knit by Bubbe.


Step dancing at a performance at a Kwaanza celebration at the Natural History Museum
Trying out music and building classes. Julie was very observant and serious at the beginning of class, then she got a little crazy with the maracas. She also loves scarves.
Looking cute in a music class


She was very observant and a little serious


Max in a trial 'Build It, Break It, Fix It' class



Another fun music class

Sketching and making stencils at the Met.
Sketching at the Met
Hanging out in the high chair. Julie has been trying all sorts of food, but her favorites are avocado, Os cereal (which she’s pretty good at feeding herself), and rice cakes or anything else crunchy she can bite with two bottom teeth that came in in mid-January after some drama.
So cute and happy in her high chair

Finding a bear in our stroller!
There's a bear in our stroller!
Climbing and crawling around on her forearms. Julie is very active and curious and likes to get into everything (which freaks out Max a little bit).
Julie loves to try to climb things
Here’s a video from December of her commando crawling; she’s gotten a lot faster and more determined since.
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