Circus Redux

When we went to the circus with Nonna in November, Mark was recovering from his surgery and unable to stay the whole time. So we decided to go again last week. We had great seats, third row center, and Max was mesmerized. He liked clapping along with the rest of the audience and sitting on Daddy’s shoulders during intermission.
He got really excited when the horses came out, waving his arms and smiling and laughing. He also liked a number with lassos, flips, and loud drumming.
We liked the goats and puppies on horseback (including this shy one hiding in the mane).
He stayed up almost an hour past his bedtime, but didn’t get cranky or bored. He has an amazing attention span for his age. We are looking forward to taking him to lots of shows in the future.
In addition to the circus, we’ve had lots of fun outings lately, to a hip-hop Shakespeare performance, music classes, jazz concerts, swimming at the gym, and outer space.
Video of Astronaut Max
He also like staying at home playing with the many toys we’ve gotten from friends and family- shooting baskets, holding plastic monkeys and tigers, and putting blocks behind his head and into boxes. And the circus may have inspired some acrobatics with Daddy.
Video of Mark and Max’s circus act
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