Cosmopolitan Kid

Depending on your interests and inclinations, you might think Max is either a very lucky or very tortured toddler with all the cultural events Brittney drags him to. This week we hit the Guggenheim on Monday, then on Wednesday we visited an interesting exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory of 650 red and white American quilts. It was cooler than it sounds.
Max seemed to enjoy all the colors and patterns. He did have one screaming fit when Brittney wouldn’t let him play his favorite letter learning game on her iphone, but he started smiling and batting his eyelashes as soon as two pretty 5-year-old girls walked by. He gave his mom some great smiles on the walk home, though he might have been thinking more about a super long slide we discovered at a beautiful wooden playground by Fifth Avenue than folk art.
Yesterday he had Mandarin class with Daddy in the morning followed by a kids New York Philharmonic concert at Lincoln Center, then an a capella concert in the afternoon. He is a great audience member, watching quietly and applauding at the end of songs.

Our cosmopolitan kid is developing his own musical skills.

Max playing the xylophone
Max shaking shaker eggs

Max often does lunch with Brittney’s friends and relatives. On Thursday we met Brittney’s cousin Haley at a Soho bistro. Max likes to treat the ladies.
The screaming fit when he saw Brittney’s iphone and wanted to play with it – not so cosmopolitan. This time she gave in, and he rewarded us with several rounds of his impressive dance moves (flapping his arms) until he got distracted by the bread basket.
Video of Max “dancing”

He’s got some funky artist hair going on (i.e. it’s hard to get an appointment at the kids haircut place by us).
This kid is so cultured he even tries to feed himself with a spoon.
And he’s learned to sign “all done” at the end of the meal (after which he claps for himself, then hand us his bowls and cups, quite an improvement from throwing his food).
But he also likes the simple things – going on the slides and being thrown around at the playground.
And watching college basketball on the couch.
Or dumping legos on his head, then putting them back in the bin. Forget the concerts and art, Max could do this all day:
Video of Max’s new favorite activity
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