Crazy Creatures

Max ventured to the Bronx for the first time on July 17th during a Daddy/Son visit to the big zoo there. He saw gorillas, lions, zebras, and lots of other animals (though he seemed more interested in all the people there).
He even got to ride on a camel.
At home we found a wild creature in our bathtub with some crazy hair.
This crazy critter grew his first tooth on July 12th, with a second following close behind.
We have observed some strange noises from this creature, especially after he eats or when he’s tired. In this video he shares one of his favorite sounds.
Video of Max making his favorite noise
He has exhibited frequent giggles, often triggered by loud or funny noises such as tupperware lids, his parents kissing, zippers, the window shade being opened, dishwashers being emptied, food being pureed, or, as in these videos, his mom sucking on a melon rind or doors being shut.
Video of Max giggling at melon rind sounds
Video of Max amused by door slamming
At the end of this month we are moving our little monkey four blocks north to 67th street and Broadway. The apartment is a little further west from Central Park, but higher up on the 33rd floor, and the balcony has an amazing East/North/West view from which Max might be able to see his friends at the Bronx zoo.
Video of our new view
Max would like to go much farther north to visit his new cousin in Halifax, who was born with a bigger head and longer name than Max: Sidon Hugh David Jensen-Peacock. Aunt Courtney had lots of practice helping out with Max back in October, and we are thinking about her, Byron and Sidon lots and hoping we get to meet our new family mmeber soon!

More photos of Max

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