Dancing With Socks

After all his cultural activities last week, Max was inspired to create some performance art of his own. He loves playing with scarves – waving them around, scrunching them up, and putting them behind his neck or over his face. But when scarves are not available, he creates found art using whatever he can find, as you can see in these videos of his creative process:

First, he explores the creative material (with all of his senses).

Then, he conceptualizes the work.

Finally, the performance

An encore.

Explaining his artistic intentions of the piece.

When he runs out of creative ideas, he can always just try to eat the sock.
Finding inspiration in nature during yet another Central Park photo shoot.

Max has had a captive audience these past few days; Nonna is here helping us out while Mark recovers from getting his sleep-apnea-causing tonsils & uvula removed and his deviated septum fixed on Thursday. Photos of a chocolate show and circus coming soon…
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