Digging Deals

Brittney is a sucker for deals, so we signed up for some discounted summer classes. Playing cello in a music class.
In gym class he likes jumping on the trampoline, stacking cones, and learning gymnastics skills. Our favorite part of the gym (which is a national chain) is the monitor in the lobby that displays financial tips like turn off lights and switch to generic cereal. Another great tip would be don’t pay over $50/hour (the usual rate) for toddler gym classes. Though it is pretty fun.
Making banana bread in a free trial cooking class. Max liked stirring and sampling the ingredients. Having the teachers clean up after may be worth paying for.
We are members to many great NYC places so we can drop in without paying anytime (and skip lines, well worth the membership fee). We had a fun morning at the Central Park Zoo, watching monkeys and counting turtles.
Julie got a night out with Brittney and Ashly at the Whitney Museum members’ reception for an artist who love polka dots. Julie dressed accordingly (and she was our ticket to skipping lines all night).
When the weather allows, we take advantage of all the free activities in NYC, like Shakespeare in a garden. Max and Julie were enthralled throughout the hour-long version of Midsummer Night’s Dream. Clapping at the end.
Bowing with the actors.
So excited he took off his pants.
Dancing with Daddy at Midsummer Night Swing.

The cheapest (and most climate-controlled) option is playing at home. Max goes through phases of obsessions with different toys; the train set, different puzzles, and these cool bristle blocks from Aunt Ruthie, with which he makes interesting cars, trains, robots, strollers, babies, mommies and tunnels.
Sharing his taxis with his sister.
Kicking it on the gymini.
Julie is cooing and making funny gurgling sounds a lot. We love them.
Julie loves lying on the diaper changing table. I took these smiley photos while Max was having a tantrum about getting dressed (a difficult phase that seems to have mostly passed).
Sunday morning storytime.
And our penguins will still pose for free. Julie at 10 weeks old (Max styled the blanket).
13 weeks old and so smiley.
Why we don’t take penguin pictures with Max anymore – he’s too dang tall.
But he still loves his Arctic friends.
Unfortunately there aren’t any deals in the insane Manhattan rental market at the moment. For example, a three-bedroom in a building we were interested in had five rental applications sight unseen fifteen minutes after it was listed. The price was pretty reasonable, if you took a zero off the end. So we will keep our view and balcony for another year and figure out the sleeping situation. Brittney is looking forward to walking off the baby weight with the one-mile trek to and from Max’s preschool five days a week (and there are bus, subway and taxi options for bad-weather and running-late days). In the meantime, Brittney, Max and Julie are going to Utah to stay at the real estate deal her parents snagged. We leave tomorrow for a quick trip to play with siblings and cousins gathered from around the world (and get ready to welcome Jeff’s babies #4 and 5).
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