Easter Bunnies & Bonnets

Max is understanding and getting into holidays, and he was pretty excited to find some Easter eggs the bunny left for us.

Julie found a few but wasn’t so sure about the boinging bubby in her basket (recycled once again from Max’s first Easter with Nonna and Papa).




Max liked discovering the treats in the plastic eggs and trying Peeps for breakfast – though he only ate the ears before switching to the preferred ‘fish eggs’ (salmon roe) he got in his basket.
Chocolate inside!

Trying his first Peep. He didn't finsh it.

Brittney loves taking Max to the Easter Bonnet Parade on Fifth Avenue, and this year Max created his own quite original headpiece.

Heading out to the parade

Max’s invisible friend borrowed the hat for a while (or the base was the inside of his ‘builder’ hat from Halloween – not the most secure, but fun to pretend to sneeze and make it fall off).
He liked to pretend to sneeze and make the hat fall off

Middle-of-Broadway photo shoot. Max also created Brittney and Julie’s hats (and one for Mark that never quite made it outside).


Max wanted to trade hats.

Max wanted to trade hats.

Max’s favorite hat at the parade – made of Peeps and the chicken on top moved.
Julie’s hat made her angry; she wore it for about two seconds.

Photo with 19th-Century literary themed bonnets (Pride and Prejudice & Vanity Fair) in honor of Aunt Ashly.

Easter bunnies on protest – there were a lot of them, but Max was not afraid.


Julie had fun even without a bonnet.
Thanks daddy for letting us come and see the cool hats (Mark was reluctant after losing us last year).
That afternoon we went over to one of Max’s classmate’s apartment for more egg hunting. Julie (usually) loves it when Max sits on her.


We didn’t get around to decorating the eggs until the day after Easter.

Eating them the next morning

Holidays are so much fun with the kids! Getting ready for May Day, Cinco de Mayo, and of course a very special birthday coming soon…
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