Farmer Max

Our city boy has been obsessed with a foam book with removable farm ainimals for a few months, and lately he really enjoys playing with a farmhouse and a tractor he got for his birthday, so we decided a farmer would be an appropriate (and easy) Halloween costume.
Farmer Max
He was so busy farming it was hard to get him to pose for photos.
We started our celebration a day early by going to a crowded Halloween party in Central Park. The line was too long for the pumpkin patch and hayride, but Max didn’t mind because he got to sit on his daddy’s shoulders and listen to a saxophone player.

Then we hung out at Eloise’s Halloween party at the Plaza Hotel with some affectionate neighbors.
On Halloween Max got his second haircut, then took some penguin pictures.

In the evening, we ventured out to a block party on 69th street. Our country boy and his dad were a little overwhelmed by the noise and people, so we didn’t do much trick-or-treating.
Who needs candy when you have a farmhouse to play with?

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  1. The farnhouse looks like so much fun! Sidon is starting to play with toys and he loves everything you have sent him, so he and Max must have similar tastes.

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