Fashionable & Fabulous

One of Brittney’s friends once said that Max has “toddler game.” The majority of his playmates are female, and he does know how to impress the ladies. His first weapon is his accessorizing ability. He loves the one fingerless glove and Daddy’s hat combo.
Face paint always adds to a look. At a birthday party Max patiently let himself be transformed into Batman – though he was convinced he was a fish and liked looking at himself in the mirror making fish faces and sounds.

Brittney is glad to know she has a superhero on her side as we countdown to baby #2 (due May 8th).
Wooing some girlfriends with Ring-Around-The-Rosy.
Creating wearable art at the kids’ Material Lab at the Museum of Modern Art (and flirting with the women working there).
The sophisticated shorts-on-the-head look.
Following some sage courtship advice from Aunt Ashly’s Jane Austen figurine that he loves to play with, Max worked on his musical skills in the park.
A sensitive guy who loves small furry animals (though he usually is afraid to pet them and makes his mom do it instead).
And is very good at walking in circles around trees over and over again.
Our friendly guy loves to say hi to everyone and give high-fives, even when going down the slide. No wonder the ladies love him.
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