Once again we had a lovely wintertime escape to Florida, and Mark’s family, as always, took good care of us. The spoiled Southerners claimed we had bad weather, but we didn’t mind as long as we could play outside without bundling up. Our first beach outing did get a little truncated by some wind and rain, but not before Max got in some fun sand scooping.

The blowing sand sent us away from the shore, but Max enjoyed browsing around the art galleries by the beach (especially ones with animal statues), getting a chocolate treat at Kilwins, and putting stickers on Bubbe’s face during lunch.
It was so nice to be able to go to the park in just t-shirts and shorts.

Max was just as happy inside reading and doing puzzles with Bubbe and Poppy.
We went to the famous crab shack The Rustic Inn wih Grandpa and Grandma. Max enjoyed eating all sorts of seafood, veggies and cornbread, and stacking and pounding the mallets on the table.
We enjoyed seeing cousins Ryan and Spencer, though Ryan is usually too active to catch on camera. They fished together at the Miami Children’s Museum, and Max had fun trying to keep up with her.
After Mark joined us, we tried the beach again. Saying hello to the animals around Las Olas before breakfast with Bubbe and Poppy.

Max loved playing in the waves. He laughed every time one crashed on him.

Building sand castles was very amusing too (or maybe he was laughing at Mommy’s big belly – 26 weeks along in this photo).
The first of (we hope) many sibling outings in the ocean.

Playing with all the stuffed animals (and admiring the animal statues) at Grandpa and Grandma’s house was pretty cool, but even better was meet Grandma’s real live horse Fancy.

Max was really feeling Floridian in these cool sunglasses Bubbe got him. Very necessary for evening farm-puzzles.
The too-cool artist and his work.
Tickles with Poppy – Max sure loves his grandparents.
We wish we saw our family more but we love having an excuse for fun sunny adventures.
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