Florida – Our Last Day

On our last day in Florida, we fit in one more outdoor swim.
We had a lovely picnic with Papa and Grandma. We sat outside in the sunshine and read Max’s new favorite book, about a farm with lots of flaps to lift.
Papa tried to get Max to crawl, but Max got frozen once again, still wary of outdoor surfaces.

We had fun at the playground together.
Video of Max kicking on the swing
That evening, Bubbe took us to ritzy Bal Harbor, where Max, once he got comfortable and took his shoes off (we can’t do that in New York right now), had lots of fun in his stroller doing high fives. Brittney’s not sure what Bubbe was doing to make him laugh so hard while she was looking at purses.

Back at Bubbe’s, Max got to drive his favorite car around a little more.
He couldn’t get enough of storytime with Bubbe and Poppy.
We came back with lots of photos and happy memories, plus Max’s first consistent baby sign – here he is telling Bubbe he wants a bottle.

Video of Max signing “ba-ba”

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  1. sophie used to straighten her knees, stick her bum straight up and crawl in that position whenever she hit grass. she looked like an ape. i always thought it was so funny how much she hated the texture of grass.

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