Football vs Opera (& Art vs Stairs)

Labor Day weekend is one of Mark’s favorite times because it’s the start of college football season. Max was ready for opening day with his favorite teams’ paraphernalia.
Brittney likes Labor Day because of the annual Lincoln Center HD Opera festival. She took Max to the beginning of two of the earlier screenings this year. Don’t tell Daddy, but Max seemed more interested in the operas (Carmen and Boris Godunov) than the football games; he wanted to stay all night. Maybe because he had his new best canine friend Edie (who doesn’t usually look this evil) watching with him.
We often meet up with Edie in Central Park or on the Riverside Pier. Max wasn’t so sure about this little yapper at first, but now he always smiles at his little friend (and gives an even bigger smile to Aunt Ashly).
Max still saves some of his biggest smiles (and best hugs) for Daddy. He loves walking down the street holding Mark’s hand.
He likes hanging out with just Mommy too, especially when she takes him to interesting art exhibits, like one at The Whitney featuring projections of bowling video games through the ages programmed so the bowler only threw gutter balls.
We like to think he appreciates the cultural exposure of our frequent museum visits, but lately he seems more interested in hanging out in the art-free stairwells and climbing up and down (and up and down) the stairs.
He loves to walk all over. He still likes the support of a grown-up’s hand, a banister or a bench, but he has taken up to 12 steps on his own, often inspired by Mr. Potato Head (or grapes in Mr. Potato Head’s ear – hey, whatever works). We’re excited to have Nonna here this week for Max to walk and play with.
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