Fun in June

Max had a busy, fun June with lots of activities like:
Meeting polar bears and turtles at the Central Park zoo (and being featured on our friend Michelle’s blog New Everyday in New York)
Going to his first wedding. He was a great guest. He sat very quietly through the ceremony, playing with a cloth book and his mom’s fingers and jewelry. He liked looking at the candles and listening to the singing, and later watching the dancing. He did try to tear off the bride’s necklace and ruin her hairdo, but we pulled him away in time.
Making out with his mirror image.
Playing with penguins.
He’s come a long way from his first penguin pictures, taken when he was three weeks old.
His love of every food he’s tried (even tofu) has helped tripled his birth weight to 18 lbs 10 oz (17th percentile!) and he is 28.5 inches tall. As you can see, he is getting very active. He’s not quite crawling yet, but doing lots of rolling and scooting, and lifting his tummy off the ground just a bit. He is excited to have his Nonna in town this week to play with him, after she recovers from her visit last week to Max’s new cousin Maya and her big sisters Sophie and Breanne.
Fortunately when he gets too worked up or upset, we have a song we sing (with fingers of course) that always puts him into a happy trance.

Video of Max’s favorite song

Click here for more photos of Max

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