Fun with Uncle Alan


Mark’s brother Alan came from Atlanta to meet Max last weekend. He ate some New York City pizza (making his son Sam jealous), ran in Central Park and beat Mark in ping pong 21-17 and 21-18, but most of the weekend was dedicated to making Max a very happy nephew. Max couldn’t stop laughing while Alan talked to him, played with him and did a photo shoot (besides being an awesome dad, Alan is also a professional photographer). We’ll post the photos when we get them; for now here are a few amateur photos we took and fun videos:

Video of Max laughing with Uncle Alan

Video of Max blasting off like a rocket (please excuse the cinematography)

Max is recovering very nicely from the surgery and his breathing sounds great, but taking out the adenoids didn’t help his reflux, which started about a month ago and keeps getting worse. Our usually easy-going baby is very upset when he eats, though he still manages to get a decent amount down. We’ve gotten some confusing advice from the ENT, a gastroenterologist, lactation consultants (yes, that is a job), family, the internet etc. and we are trying out different things. Max got his first solid food this week, some rice cereal mixed in with pumped breast milk (aka booby juice), and we’re trying to interest him in our food to see if that helps him fatten up and be the happy eater he used to be.

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