Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween!
Holidays often start at our house with themed pancakes.
Max wanted to be Darth Vader and talked about it for weeks, telling anyone who did or didn’t ask (after first asking them, ‘Do you know Star Wars?’). Halloween was on a Friday, so I picked him up at lunchtime to come home and get ready for the school’s parade. As he was putting his Darth costume on, he saw his Robo-knight costume he wore for Julie’s princess birthday party in May in his closet and decide he definitely wanted to be that. Not sure what it is exactly, he just liked it when we searched on Amazon for knight costumes. I think it’s a Power Ranger?



After picking up Julie from school, we threw on her costume and went to a party at a senior center. Both kids were very friendly. When the activities director asked if any kids wanted to introduce themselves and explain their costumes, Max and Julie were eager and articulate on the microphone.
There was a guitar player that played Halloween songs on a stage (including ‘Five Little Pumpkins’ which made Max very excited because he had acted it out aat school as he let everyone know). When the music was over Julie claimed the stage for an impromptu dance performance.

Time for trick or treating! They had been practicing for days. Max decided to use the light saber from his Darth costume, further confusing onlookers.


Our block is on a hill and each house requires many stairs to access, but they still got lots of candy. Many houses gave out two pieces or more, and we had to have a talk about not asking for more if they only got one piece of candy.

Max was most excited about handing out candy (he would only go trick or treating when we assured him Mark’s friend Dave would hand out in our absence) so after about two blocks he and Mark headed home while Julie and I hit a few more houses. She loved all the decorations.

Her princess thank you curtsy. Love her hairdo, a collaboration between the two of us.


We finally made it home and she passed out on the ground.
Cinderella chillin. Halloween is hard work!
We convinced them to just have two pieces of candy that night. Max’s favorites are Butterfingers and Milky Way. Julie is into fruity chewy candy like Dots and Starburst. The next morning Julie woke up late and grouchy and screamed for a while that she wanted three pieces of candy before breakfast, but after losing that battle she and Max have been ok with one or two a day. Already talk about next years costumes…

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