Happy Birthday, Bubbe!

Max was very excited to have Bubbe come to school on Special Visitor’s Day. He showed her around the classroom and made her a snack.
While he finished his school day Julie got some fun Bubbe and Poppy time at a snuggle and kissed filled brunch. Like Max, she really knows and loves her grandparents now (and yes, that gorgeous sweater is another one of Bubbe’s amazing creations).
Brunch with Bubbe & Poppy - Julie loved snuggling with them 03-IMG_0789





Bubbe and Poppy had to put up with a very non-Floridian cold rain. It stopped long enough in the afternoon for us to visit the toy store down the block where they got Julie her first doll and Max this tricky puzzle.

The sun came out for Bubbe’s birthday on Saturday. We celebrated with dinner outside at Boulud Sud across the street from Lincoln Center, where Bubbe and Poppy enjoyed a New York Philharmonic Concert the night before, a present from all their kids. Max helped Bubbe blow out the candle (he also made her a card and bought her lots of gummy bears).
Max helped bubbe blow out the birthday candles
On Sunday more sunshine meant post-brunch playground time. Another birthday didn’t slow Bubbe down, she was climbing all over the jungle gym encouraging Max to be brave like her.
Bubbe was climbing all over the jungle gym, getting Max higher and higher



Did we mention that Julie and Max adore their grandparents?


The kids were both so happy the whole weekend (though Max sometimes had a hard time sharing ‘my Bubbe’ and ‘my Poppy’). Hope to see them again soon!


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