Happy Easter, Happy Easter

Easter Sunday of 2009 Mark cheered up his hormonal pregnant wife by watching with her the Fred Astaire/Judy Garland classic Easter Parade, which opens with the dapper Fred singing “Happy Easter, Happy Easter” to strangers on Manhattan streets. This Easter, Mark was hoping to recreate this scene with Max, perhaps wearing matching top hats for the Easter Parade, but it was not to be as Brittney and Max were in California with her family, who had all gathered from around the world for her Grandma Thomas’ funeral.
Max participated in his first Easter Egg hunt and got a basket with a bunny toy and some candy that his cousins were glad to eat for him.
Max got to revisit Grandma Thomas’ lovely house, where he had spent some special time with her in December, and meet more of her 23 grandchildren and 34 great-grandchildren. In addition to looking at the many cute photos of himself she had up around the house, Max enjoyed staring at her tulip-shaped lamp and playing with his Great-Uncle Dave’s tie.
Other highlights of the trip include:
Belatedly celebrating his Grandpa’s birthday with ebelskivers in bed
Reading Brown Bear with Nonna and cousins Sophie and Breanne, whose new favorite phrase is “Baby Mac” (the x sound is a little hard for them)
Going the park in the perfect California weather
It’s been a rough few weeks losing both of Brittney’s wonderful Grandmas, who both loved Max very much, but Max’s curiosity, giggles and snuggles make every day brighter. And fortunately he is an amazing traveler, flying eight times in four months with almost no problems. He barely fussed at all during the over five hour flights to California; he just sat and snoozed peacefully on Aunt Ashly’s lap (and, on the way home, played with the bunny Pez dispenser from his Easter basket)
Click here for more photos from the trip

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