Happy Halloween!

This was the first Halloween that Max had input on his costume. Inspired by one of the outfit choices in the ‘dress up man’ wooden doll Bubbe gave him, he decided to be a builder. We used a tutu a friend gave Julie for a ballerina costume. We weren’t sure if we’d be able to go out on Halloween with Hurricane Sandy coming, so we dressed up the weekend before.
We went to an event at the Sony Tech lab that included a big-screen airing of a Dora Halloween special. Max danced and clapped with insane joy when the opening song came on. On the way home and later that afternoon we walked through gorgeous Central Park.
On Sunday we went to another Halloween party that had a pretty place for more photos. Max was too busy playing with his tools to pose.
Originally we wanted to do sibling costumes that went together, so Brittney says that Max is a stagehand who must have worked on a Fosse show to pick up some hat moves that he showed off at the party. He also played with some glow-in-the-dark goo and made a cool pumpkin craft.
We spent most of Monday and Tuesday indoors riding out Hurricane Sandy. Monday was a very dark and stormy night, lots of wind and a little creakiness on the 33rd floor, but we had plenty of food and never lost electricity. It was fun to have a break from our busy schedules for some family time. Max had playdates in the building, and Tuesday morning we had post-hurricane, pre-Halloween pancakes with some neighbors. Max devoured five.
Halloween was cold but dry, and our neighborhood was getting back to normal despite a few fallen trees. Getting ready for trick or treating in the building, at some shops, and a spooky block party on West 69th Street.
We tried to find some cute pumpkin decorations to take a photo by, but it was too cold outside so we ended up in front of a stand at Whole Food. Between the bad lighting, tiara drama, shaky bench and kids more interested in each other’s accessories than posing, this is the best we got.
We love that Max is really starting to understand and enjoy holidays – looking forward to more celebrations the next few months!
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