Happy New Year! (2016)

Some members of this family think New Years is all about watching football, others prefer parties. This year we got both with a fun PJ party with friends that got the former home in time to watch the 8 pm play-off game.

Counting down to ‘midnight’ (actually 7 pm).
Watching the care bears count down to 'midnight' (actually 7 pm) Watching the care bears count down to ‘midnight’ (actually 7 pm)
Happy New Year!

The kids made glitter jars. Julie took hers very seriously and included her favorite color – all of them. We ate many yummy treats, including make-your-own pizzas (though the kids are in a boring only cheese phase) and homemade health-ish chocolate popcorn.
Making glitter jars at the Duffy's New Year's Eve PJ PartyParty[/caption]
Fun with NYE props




One of my resolutions for this year is to keep more update with this blog – we’ll see how that goes. Julie also had me resolve to take care of her favorite stuffed dog Buttons while she’s at school – I think I got that one. Excited for 2016!

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