Italy Part 3: Mangiamo

In Italy we ate an immense amount of delicious food, from elaborate tasting menus at acclaimed restaurants to local buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto and amazing baby artichokes from corner delis. We loved the pizza, pasta, and had gelato almost every day. Every morning the hotel provided a breakfast buffet of fruit, cheese, tomatoes, pastries and more in a splendid dining room overlooking the bay.
Squid, anchovies, scorpion fish, lobster were some of the fresh and tasty local seafood we sampled. At a gelateria in Capri, Mark found a favorite treat – Ricci Caprese, which translates to Uni (sea urchin) of Capri (though this spiky chocolate treat contained local almonds, not Mark’s slimy sushi favorite).
We let Max sample tiny bits of pasta and Brittney’s favorite lemon custard, but mostly he stuck to purreed baby food, which we found at the pharmacy. Brittney’s limited Italian was supplemented by cartoons on the jars. Apparently Italian babies are carnivores, since beef, ham, fish, chicken, goat and even what looked like ostrich and horse were easier to find then fruits and vegetables. We did find some mela (apple,) pera (pear), piselli (peas) and zuchinni. Nursing is much easier in open-minded Italy, and Max had some incredibly scenic and exciting meal locations, from our little boat in the bay to a crowded train from Pompeii to Sorrento, and even a secluded corner of a medieval church in rainy Positano while nuns serenaded us in Latin. A few of the places he ate:
On a stone bench along the Via Positanesi d’America seaside promenade
On the gorgeous terrace of our hotel
Under an ancient arch in the Colosseum
At the Villa San Michele in Capri (where Max touched the sphinx for good luck)
In Capri’s Giardini di Augusto overlooking the stunning blue-green water
In a lovely lemon grove/veranda outside Don ALfonso 1890, the famous restaurant/farm in a town above Sorrento where we enjoyed an incredible lunch, including this cheese plate
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