It’s A Girl!

Julie Marjorie Mothner
Born May 7th, 2012, 7:34 am
7 lbs 8 oz, 19 ½ inches

Meeting mommy. She was very loud and got a 9 out of 10 Apgar score (assessment of a newborn’s health).
After everyone got cleaned up, she checked mommy out with one eye.
Max was having lots of fun with his Aunt Ashly and Great-Aunt Ruth. That afternoon they all came to meet Julie. Max and his sister exchanged some presents.
She finally woke up to snuggle with Aunt Ashly.
We are so in love.
Our happy family of four.
Blowing kisses to his sister.
24 hours old, and oh so adorable.
For those of you who want the play-by-play of the labor:
Brittney felt like something might be happening Sunday night, but managed to sleep for a few hours before contractions really started around 1 am. She let Mark sleep until around 4 am, when the contractions were every 4-5 minutes.
By the time Aunt Ashly came over to watch Max and we got ourselves ready and to the hospital (which is fortunately only 8 blocks away) around 4:45 am, contractions were pretty intense and almost non-stop. Took us a while to get into the admissions room and measured at 5 cm dilated. Wimpier or wiser than last time, Brittney was very ready for an epidural, but we didn’t get into a delivery room and track down an anesthesiologist until around 6:30. At the point fully dilated and very happy with her drugs, Brittney waited for the head to drop then started pushing around 7:25 am. 9 minutes and 3 pushes later we had a beautiful baby girl.
We are all home and healthy and having lots of fun getting to know our little angel. She is a great sleeper and eater and pretty chill. Max has for the most part been a very sweet, helpful big brother. More photos and details coming soon!
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