We have been busy (and a little cold, and having colds, and all that great winter stuff). Finally some photos from January.
Visiting Daddy at work on New Year’s Eve day
Visiting Daddy at work on the last day or 2012

Turning 7 months old – getting too tough for those penguins
Seven months old




See ya, penguin

Making playdough snowmen with Bubbe. The snowman kept falling over despite Max’s commands otherwise. Very silly.
Modeling yet another gorgeous sweater knit by Bubbe.


Step dancing at a performance at a Kwaanza celebration at the Natural History Museum
Trying out music and building classes. Julie was very observant and serious at the beginning of class, then she got a little crazy with the maracas. She also loves scarves.
Looking cute in a music class


She was very observant and a little serious


Max in a trial 'Build It, Break It, Fix It' class



Another fun music class

Sketching and making stencils at the Met.
Sketching at the Met
Hanging out in the high chair. Julie has been trying all sorts of food, but her favorites are avocado, Os cereal (which she’s pretty good at feeding herself), and rice cakes or anything else crunchy she can bite with two bottom teeth that came in in mid-January after some drama.
So cute and happy in her high chair

Finding a bear in our stroller!
There's a bear in our stroller!
Climbing and crawling around on her forearms. Julie is very active and curious and likes to get into everything (which freaks out Max a little bit).
Julie loves to try to climb things
Here’s a video from December of her commando crawling; she’s gotten a lot faster and more determined since.
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