Julie Meets Bubbe & Poppy

On her one-week birthday, in addition to cupcakes Julie got a special treat – meeting her Bubbe. Bubbe loved holding her granddaughter, we loved having the extra help, and Max loved the playtime and attention.
As always, Bubbe brought fun presents, including three trains that spelled Max’s name (combining two of his favorite things, choo-choos and letters), crayons for the bathtub, and chalk to color the sidewalk.
Despite lots of rain, we squeezed in outings to restaurants, the library, the Natural History Museum, and of course playgrounds.

In Friday one of Max’s favorite people, Poppy, showed up.
Saturday we went to a Touch-A-Truck event at the YMCA, where Max got to check out the driver’s seat of a big dump truck and school bus. He is a little obsessed with “The Wheels On The Bus,” and he enjoyed making the real horn go “beep-beep-beep.”
He also got to fish and meet two of his favorite TV stars, Dora and Boots.

One of our rare whole family photos.
Julie got to meet Mark’s cousin Rachel and her fiancĂ© Nick. They also brought an awesome fire tuck for Max that he loved exploring with Bubbe and Poppy.

We’ve seen a slight increase in Max’s tantrum frequency and clinginess to Brittney (especially when she’s holding Julie), but he is still mostly the same sweet happy boy. He gives “baby” the most gentle kisses and likes to help change her diaper, swaddle, and even carry her to her bassinet.
Max’s vocabulary is rapidly expanding and he’s starting to put whole sentences together. We even got him to sit on the potty a few times, though the only action was one pee that got partially in there (though we’re not sure that was on purpose). Once we bribed him with chocolate but he was satisfied with reading a book with chocolate in it – the Mrs Fields Cookie Cookbook.
Storytime with grandparents is the best.
Is Julie looking chubby to you? At her doctor’s appointment on May 27th at 18 days old she weighed 8 lb 10oz, jumping up to 54th percentile. She eats a lot, which is great but a little tiring for Brittney. Fortunately Nonna and Papa got ehre the day after Bubbe and Poppy left to help us out. We feel so lucky to have family with us at this special stressful time.
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  1. Looks like you are having lots of fun with the new baby. Max sounds like a great big brother! Sidon is really into trucks and trains right now as well so they’ll have lots of fun together next time we see you. Love you.

  2. Julie IS looking healthy, chubby and beautiful. She really is a gorgeous newborn. We love the photos and are happy to hear everyone is doing well.

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