Jazz & Militant Sharing

A local playground has fun arts and crafts in the mornings. Max enjoyed playing with playdough one day, or rather forcing playdough tools on the other kids. He know he gets praised for sharing, so he will insist that uninterested parties take whatever he’s playing with so he can clap for himself.

Working on back attitude.
One Saturday evening we went to a cool jazz concert on a local pier.
Max loved the view from Mark’s shoulders (as well as watching a flying-kite, looking at a fished-in eel, and laughing at a man spinning flags).
On the Fourth of July we went back to the High Line, Brittney’s new favorite NYC spot.
Even though it was hot and Max was starting to sick (he came down with a 102 fever that night), he asserted his independence (almost) with lots of great one-handed walking, as in this (shaky) video.
He’s all better now, and ready for more NYC adventures.
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