We had a busy, crazy June getting used to being a family of four. But we still managed to have lots of fun. Mark took Max to a work-sponsored event at an amusement park in Westchester where he met some mythical beings (though the wrist brand was more exciting than the pretty Mermiad).
Max is getting really tall, tall enough to go on some rides by himself.
We celebrated Father’s Day with lots of family time (and naps for the tired dad).
Max graduated from his one-day-a-week preschool he’s been going to since January. He was very proud of his diploma and held it high on the walk home.
Then he went to a two-week camp at the preschool he’ll be going to in the fall, Metropolitan Montessori. It was 9 am – 12pm Monday through Friday, so he was pretty tired after (but pretty happy as you can see in this pick-up photo) He was excited to go every morning, not even looking back at Mommy as he ran in. The teachers said he did great, and sent us a picture of this lego car he made.
Julie also graduated from newborn who screamed for no discernible reason and woke us up all night to an aware, alert, expressive super smiler who sleeps 6-7 hours in a row and whose cries we’re starting to figure out – if she’s hungry or over-tired she’ll definitely let you know, but after a meal or a good nap she’s so happy and cute.

She likes to lie on the ground and kick her legs and wave her arms.

Julie enjoys snuggling and sleeping on Mommy’s chest in the wrap so we still get to go lots of fun places during the week, like this trial music class.
Loving the sweater Bubbe made for Max. We also have some beautiful new Bubbe-knit items, photos of those and some July adventures coming soon.
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