Max Likes Bikes (But Not Helmets…or Minnie Mouse)

We had a very fun June, with pretty good weather for lots of fun outdoor and indoor activities. One day we went to an indoor petting zoo/farm on the east side. Max was afraid of actually touching any of the birds, bunnies or lizards, but he did like looking at them.
He was okay getting close to the frogs as long as they were safe in a box.
The farm also has art projects, so we made a jellyfish together (though soon after this photo Max ripped off most of its tentacles).
We’ve been hosting a Baby Sing and Sign class which Max loves, especially when he gets to drum or play with scarves.
Max loved his first son-daddy bike ride, though he is not a big fan of wearing the helmet. He gave Brittney a big smile and wave whenever they rode by her.

One weekend we went to a 2-year-old’s birthday party, where Max enjoyed bouncing on a trampoline, climbing padded stairs and playing with balls.
From the second we walked in, Max wanted to be held or sit next to the birthday girl’s grandpa, whom he’s never met before. I guess he misses his Grandpas and Poppy. Max is usually very friendly with strangers, though not as much with large rodents.
It’s been great barbecuing weather. We’re too cautious to let Max on the balcony, but he likes watching Daddy grill from inside.
Certain everyday activities seem to never get old for Max, such as getting the mail, which makes him go a little crazy with excitement.
And Max still loves to read his many books, plus an occasional Economist.
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