24 weeks
Over the past weeks, we’ve been taking the baby to lots of live music performances to see if we can get him/her kicking –- ballets, a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta Brittney choreographed/assistant directed, free opera in the park — but what finally induced movement was an old French film at the MOMA. We’re not sure if he/she loves or hates French, but there was definitely a reaction.

Since then there have been one or two movements a day, and Mark even got to feel it one morning in bed. They’re very subtle, almost like a big bubble popping or an omelet being flipped inside the tummy. This photo (24 ½ weeks) was taken before a New York City Ballet performance of four different pieces — the baby liked dancing to music by Donizetti and Benjiman Britten. We’ll see if he/she remembers them after birth!

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