King of The Poopies

Last week was our first on our own without Bubbe or Nonna to help with middle-of-night feedings and daytime diaper changes (and yummy home-cooked meals). And our mellow baby learned to scream when he is hungry or poopy. It was rough for a bit, especially a few nights when Max decided he needed to eat every two hours, so we got behind in our blog posts. But, at 3 1/2 weeks, Max is still a dream baby most of the time, sleeping better each night and up for lots of outings and adventures.
On Tuesday, September 29th, Max went down to Soho so mommy could get a haircut that was postponed from September 19th. Nonna took him to a fancy chocolate shop, and on the way home he had his first subway ride.
With Nonna in front of a fancy chocolate shop in Soho
Evenings and weekends are Max’s snuggle time with Daddy — and time for Brittney to go out with friends to dance shows, plays and movies, like Fall for Dance with Jessica and Sae La on September 30th. (The next day Max went to his first movie with mommy and Nonna, Bright Star, a period drama about John Keats that he slept right through, just like his daddy would have)
img_3993Going to Fall for Dance with Jessica & Sae La
We have lots of nicknames for Max. Mark likes to call him Spanky, Brittney calls him Baby. Lately both of us have been calling him “King of the Poopies.” We won’t go into stinky details, let’s just say that he is still wearing preemie diapers, which we have to order online, and no matter how many we order, it’s never enough.
img_0902 img_0903
Max spent lots of time with fellow baby William while they were still in their mommies’ tummies, doing prenatal yoga and going out to lunch, but William must have been drinking different water or something — he is only 2 months older than Max but about 3 times his size. Max was 6 lbs 13 oz at his last doctor’s appointment on October 6th, and is at the 5th percentile in size. But he is eating lots and hopefully will catch up with William soon.
One of our favorite things to do is to meet Mark at work and walk home through Central Park while the weather is still warm enough. Last Wednesday Max got to visit the trading floor — he’s ready to do some business.
Oh no, we're short gamma!
So many photos, but he is such a good model, and everyday we discover something else we love about him. Some of our favorite things:

– The funny faces and noises he makes before, during and after he eats

– Singing him to sleep

– Watching him grow and change

– Introducing him to friends and family

Soon he'll be bigger than the penguins...
Soon he'll be bigger than the penguins...

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