Ladies’ Man

Max’s playmates happen to be predominantly female. It’s not unusual for a playgroup to be ten little girls and Max, as at this brunch we recently hosted.
Max doesn’t seem to mind.
He’s already getting kisses from pretty girls, and got lots of practice with Mark’s college roomate’s daughter Sofie, visiting us from Maryland last weekend.
17 months old now, and finally doing some cruising.
Max is getting stronger, but he is still pretty mellow and content and often needs coaxing to get him standing. One great motivator is the Little People Farm Lift The Flap book that we brought home from Bubbe and Poppy’s. Max loves to look at it, pointing at each flap and talking and laughing.

Video of Max telling us about his favorite book.

Nonna got here last night and Max was so excited to see her and show her his favorite book. We’re looking forward to a fun week with her.
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