Like Brother, Like Sister

We were looking at old blog posts from when Max was Julie’s current age and realized three things:
1) 4 to 6 months was/is a rough time for both kids, with reflux, colds, some nursing issues etc. (though all of these have been much milder with Julie with no surgeries, specialists, below-zero-percentile weight drama, not to mention Siberian weather and funerals that we had to deal with during Max’s babyhood)
2) Julie likes a lot of the same things as her brother did, such as the singing frog on the bouncy chair. Julie likes to pull it over and over and over again.
What we call our laser light show. Like Max, Julie looks up in eager anticipation whenever we put her in the swing.
This crazy dog is always a hit.
Both kids love the adorable sweaters Bubbe makes for them (who we were very happy to have in town this weekend bringing more hand-knit cuteness!). Julie can’t complain about hand-me-downs when they’re this adorable.
Julie is as interested in the book “Brown Bear” as her brother.

Though Brown Bear is a little different since Max started reading it.
On her five-month birthday we gave Julie her first real food, avocado. Like her brother, she swallowed it but didn’t seem too excited.
We hope she ends up being as hearty and adventurous eater as he has become despite his initial lack of enthusiasm.
Despite the battered books, Julie seems to enjoy being a little sis. She likes watching her brother play and is very patient as we follow him around he apartment (and all over the city including 20 blocks to preschool and back two times a day most days). She is a friendly party animal who loves being out on the town and looking around with her big alert eyes. She’s into grabbing everything; her feet, other people’s hair and noses, the clothes of strangers on the subway. The other day she swatted a glass of water out of my hand. At bathtime she turns into a kicking, laughing maniac trying to propel herself out of the tub. We can’t wait to take her swimming soon.
As you can see, she is very expressive and super active. Trying to escape from the bouncy chair.

A giggle machine.

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