Look At Me!

We had a great time in Italy, and Max was, as always, a champion traveler. We have literally hundreds of photos from the trip coming soon, but in the meantime, here is a post that didn’t quite make it live before we left…

Our previously independent, self-sufficient baby has gotten a streak of separation anxiety in the last week or so. He lets out a piteous cry/whine when we step out of his sight around the apartment; he always wants someone nearby. But that someone doesn’t have to be one of his parents. He shares his affection with just about anyone, including:
His neighbor Julia during a playdate at her place
College friends of Brittney and their kin at a birthday brunch
Good Night Care Bear, a present from his Aunts Ashly and Courtney
One of Max’s babysitters, an aspiring dancer, observed that he should be a performer with his love of attention. His mom has mixed feelings about that, but she agrees that this face is camera-ready.
Click here for more photos of Max

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