Made By Bubbe & Nonna

Max and Julie are lucky to have two very talented Grandmas. Bubbe knit Julie this beautiful dress and blanket.
And this amazing sweater.
And this one too…
Max assisting with the costume changes – he loves to help dress his sister.
We decided to throw Max into the photo shoot. We can get him to smile with zerberts on the belly, but Julie’s smiles are still unpredictable.
Max liked pointing out all the pretty pictures knit into the blanket.
Max put on his awesome Bubbe-made alphabet sweater. He’s quite the model (and getting pretty good at dressing himself).
Lots of hand-knit love (and a cute belly).
Nonna is an expert quilter and also perhaps psychic – she made this ‘I Spy’ quilt before Max was born and it has many of his favorite things including turtles, trains, bones and even a taxi.
Max was too busy pointing out squares to pose, so we took some more photos of our less mobile monkey.
I spy with one little eye…
We wouldn’t let Max fold his sister in the blanket, so he covered himself up instead.
Our Grandmas are also great at making travel plans. We are looking forward to seeing Nonna in Utah next week and Bubbe in NYC shortly after that.

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