A few weekends ago we left the hot, crowded city to visit Mark’s college roommate Bob and his family, who recently left Washington DC for remote lakeside Maryland.
Max made friends with Bob and Lori’s 2-year old daughter Sofie, who along with her parents, was an amazing hostess.
Max enjoyed watching Sofie and her cousins dance and run around. He played dress-up with them in their basement playroom and tried to learn the alphabet from this smart little girl.img_0723
Bob is very good at peek-a-boo .
Max was fascinated by the high ceilings and big staircase in our spacious accomodations, but his favorite feature of the place was the outdoor pool.
The nearest grocery store was a half hour away, so for Saturday night we caught crabs off the dock in the backyard.
Before catching the train back to NYC, we visited the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C, where Sofie gave Max lots of goodbye kisses.
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