Max in Action

At 7 months old and weighing in at over 16 pounds, Max is getting very strong and active. We bought a rug this weekend because we know he’s going to need soft surfaces to scoot around on pretty soon. He is also very fat and fun, with lots of interest in the world around him and running babbling commentary (we wish we knew what he’s trying to tell us!). He likes to touch and hold things, including his daddy’s face this morning when he was actually leaning in for kisses. And it’s gotten pretty easy to make him giggle, especially when he’s tired.

Check out his progress in these videos:

Tummy Time: Getting ready to crawl

Back Time: Kicking, grabbing and rolling

Talking to his firefly friend

Playing with Daddy and Mommy in the crib

He’s come a long way from this video, taken when he was a scrawny two-month old who could barely hold his head up. We love watching him grow!

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